Turn Your Travels into Homemade Gifts

Turn Your Travels into Homemade Gifts

T-shirts, keychains and shot eye glasses are easy keepsakes, but they don’t use a whole lot of importance to the giver or receiver. Besides, what’ersus the point of buying one thing made in Thailand when your trip was actually to Panama and nicaragua ,?

If you didn’t have time (or funds) in order to comb through artisan markets and opt for locally made homemade projects for all of your friends and family on your trip, it’s not very late to turn ones travels into meaningful gifts… Roll up your masturbation sleeves and start making them yourself.

First, identify what supplies you have to work with. Apart from the photos you got, did you save any kind of maps, brochures, foreign currency, transit passes, magazines, magazines, bottles, coasters, purses? (If not, then ensure that is stays mind on your up coming trip!)

The list of items you can craft readily available salvaged bits of your current travels is endless. Here are several ideas to get your creative thinking rolling:

  • Print your best pics and stick them onto business-card-sized magnets.
  • Cut atlases into squares and make origami ornaments.
  • Construct a mobile or piece of wall art out of subway moves.
  • Cover a box along with clips from vacation brochures and fill it up with homemade goodies from a recipe anyone learned on your getaway.
  • Use a page from a foreign-language paper or magazine to create a picture frame.
  • Craft road directions into paper blooms and use exotic cup bottles as vases…

What different DIY souvenir tips do you have? If you’re looking for more inspiration, search on Etsy for “map” or even “bottle cap” or anything you have on hand, as well as you’re bound to have some interesting inspiration.

To tie it all together, you can use resources saved from your trip for presenting the gifts as well. Work with a map or a newspapers as wrapping papers, or turn some sort of coaster into a reward tag. Fashion a foreign-language newspaper into a ribbon or ribbon, as well as create a card with photos or outstanding scraps from your undertaking.

Joanna Eng is a New York-based article author and editor who covers travel, living green, food, careers, entrepreneurship, and more. Her take a trip experiences have varied from hostel hopping within Mexico to sticking to distant relatives with China to leasing a beach apartment in New Jersey.

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