50 States Series: Top Food Trucks Worth Traveling For

50 States Series: Top Food Trucks Worth Traveling For

Wouldn’t it be grand if all your favourite foods were mobile phone? Instead of sitting in a cafe or restaurant or cooking your meals yourself, take a walk in your favorite park or perhaps tourist area along with grab a quick mouthful from an award-winning food items truck. The pickups are always on the move, although some take up residency in especially occupied spots.

Next time you’re on vacation, skip your sit-down and stay on-the-go by stopping a local food pickup for your meals. Below we’ve listed the best possible food truck for each and every state in the US. These award-winning trucks were chosen determined by menu items, service, customer feedback, and location to help nearby attractions.


Alabama (The city of birmingham):?Shingdigs Catering

Alaska (Anchorage):??Oh My Goodness!

Arizona (Phoenix, az):??Bistro on Wheels

Arkansas (Tiny Rock):??Loblolly Creamery

California (Alhambra):??Grill ‘Em All

Colorado (Arvada):??Scrumptious

Connecticut (Meriden):??Ted’s Restaurant

Delaware (Newark):??The Wandering around Chef

Florida (Fort Lauderdale):??Box of Chacos

Georgia (Atlanta):??Honeysuckle

Hawaii (Haleiwa):??Pupukea Grill

Idaho (Meridian):??RiceWorks Asian Road Food

Illinois (Urbana):??Cracked

Indiana (Indianapolis):??Caveman Truck

Iowa (Ks City):??Local Burrito

Kansas (Wichita):??Kind Kravings

Kentucky (Alexandria): Marty’s Waffles

Louisiana (New Orleans): La Cocinita

Maine (Lake oswego): El Corazon

Maryland (Bel Air): Flavor Cupcake Food Truck

Massachusetts (Birkenstock boston): Clover

Michigan (Detroit):?The Mac Shack

Minnesota (Minneapolis): Hola Arepa

Mississippi (Jackson): LurnyD’s Grille

Missouri (St. Louis): Zias

Montana (Bozeman): Blue Smoking Barbecue

Nebraska (Omaha): Localmotive Food Truck

Nevada (Sin city): Buldogis Unleashed Gourmet Sizzling Dogs

New Hampshire (Hanover): The Box

New Jersey (Bloomfield): Taqueria Autentica


New Mexico (Albuquerque): Gauchito Catering

New York (New York): Korilla BBQ

North Carolina (Asheville): Gypsy Queen Cuisine

North Dakota (Fargo): Gigi’utes Ice Lollies

Ohio (Cincinnati): C’est Cheese

Oklahoma (Okla City): Bleu Garten

Oregon (Portland): Tamale Boy

Pennsylvania (Chicago): Sugar Philly

Rhode Island (Providence): Fugo

South Carolina (Greenville): Thorough Air travel Food Truck

South Dakota (Sioux Falls): Big System BBQ

Tennessee (Nashville): Biscuit Love

Texas (Houston): Coreanos

Utah (Ocean Lake City): Bruges Waffle Bus

Vermont (Burlington): The Hindquarter

Virginia (Virginia Beach): Malbon’s BBQ “The Flying Pig”

Washington (Seattle, washington): Nosh

West Virginia (Charleston): Dem 2 Bros & a Grill

Wisconsin (Madison): Curd Girl

Wyoming (Cheyenne): Nipa Hut

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