The 5 Best Countries to Intern Abroad in for Film Lovers

The 5 Best Countries to Intern Abroad in for Film Lovers

by?Palwasha Khatri

Traveling isn’t all about final your brain off in addition to taking a vacation. An exceptional and exciting way of avoiding the typical brain-turning-into-mush side effects of the vacation is interning in another country. With an internship in foreign countries, you get to visit a fresh location, gain overseas work experience, and improve your resume making it stand?out?inside?a?job?look for. Internships abroad are available in almost every field. Inspired with this growing trend, and also the universal love for summer months blockbusters, here’s a list of places to intern abroad for video buffs.


As the birth place of film, People from france is an obvious place to go for film lovers. Moreover the country host by far the most prestigious film festival, Palme D’Or, it has also always been a popular place to go for filming locations due to the variety of landscapes, via beautiful countryside moments to the fascinating capital of scotland – lights, Paris. France government has been seeking to protect and keep the local film business despite the global economic downturn in cinema. A lot of iconic films of the 21st century such as The Artist, La La vie quotidienne en Rose, and Le Fabuleux Destin d’Am

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