5 luxury products not to miss when visiting Spain

5 luxury products not to miss when visiting Spain

One of Spain?s biggest attractions is definitely its culinary way of life, whether it is a family dinner at home, bar hopping for tapas, or Several star Micheline dining.? The Spaniards excel at making easy food taste remarkable, they use quality substances and mix tradition together with innovation to produce a finished product that in easy and delicious. There are several things to try in each and every region of Spain, each place has its own versions of cheese, wine, olive oil, sausages, seafood and produce; you will not deficiency for opportunity to try out new dishes a few of which you cannot find outside Spain. Unfortunately occasion is limited, so here are usually my recommendations? pertaining to five of the most special gourmet products everyone ought to try while they are traveling to in Spain.


Ancient, delicate in addition to delicious, saffron has been used for many years for its subtile flavors and distinctive coloring. From the time of Cleopatra it was used as a seductive essence in wats or temples and sacred areas and in ancient A holiday in greece is was named a remedy for sleep problems and hangovers. Today it is know around the world and possibly the most expensive spice available. It is virtual worthy of its weight in gold. To make just one kilo of saffron 85,000 blooms are needed. And in one kilo of raw stigmas comes to just 200 h of saffron ready pertaining to consumption. Only sixty minutes and half to the south of Madrid inside town of Consuegra (famous for the Wind Mills of Donquijote), that they celebrate the ?Los angeles Rosa del Azafran?. The Rose of Saffron festival comes about at the end of October throughout the peak of the Saffron pick.

Spanish ham (jam

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