Kiangan: A Heritage town in Ifugao

Kiangan: A Heritage town in Ifugao

Our Ifugao journey has ended using Kiangan Ifugao as our remaining stop. I thought we shall just visit one more rice terraces on the other hand realized that each position we visited with Ifugao has a different appeal and Kiangan is probably the most promising tourist destination for myself. Kiangan is considered to be the earliest town in Ifugao state. This town houses numerous historical sites as well as heritage sites much like the Kiangan Rice Terraces which is among the list of World Heritage Sites.

kiangan ifugao
Nagacadan Rice Terraces

We quit Banaue Hotel at around 8AM and headed to Kiangan through town of Lagawe. Before going to Nagacadan Rice Terraces, we a short stop at the War Funeral Shrine and from there we were subdivided into a pair of groups then we advancing to the rice terraces view point.

Ready to Harvest Ifugao Rice
Ready to Harvest Ifugao Rice

From the view point, all of us walked down to your paved rice paddies to reach the local community of which houses some of the Ifugao Items donated by the residents of Kiangan.?During our own visit in the small town, we met Nancy Galeon – the Museum Curator that speaks fluent english who shared you some stories regarding the village during her childhood.

kiangan ifugao tour guide
Maria Galeon – An Public Curator in Kiangan

The trek has not been that easy compare to Batad but our hike back in the main road was completely different story. On my way back to the start-off place, I passed by a house with a tomb right beside it. My spouse and i learned that this was some sort of usual practice throughout Benguet, Ifugao and Mountain Domain.

Antique Ifugao house wares donated by Locals
Antique Ifugao house wares given by Locals

After visiting the Nagacadan almond terraces, we began back to the Struggle Memorial Shrine for our boodle deal with lunch which was graciously located by the local government of Kiangan headed by Gran Joselito Guyguyon.

ifugao weaving
An Ifugao Women demonstrating the conventional Ifugao weaving

After our lunch, High School students performed a short display followed by a speech in the Mayor of Kiangan. Mister Cesar Cruz – the president associated with PHILTOA was also asked to supply a short speech as well as share some observations about our Kiangan Practical experience. Before the distribution with the Ifugao Heritage Warriors qualification of completion, Marketing participants were likewise asked about our opinion, ideas and experience during our Kiangan tour.

A tomb right beside a house in Kiangan
A location right beside a property in Kiangan

Some people might think that rice terraces in various part of Ifugao are just basically the same. Following your Ifugao Heritage Warrior Caravan, I noticed that each rice terraces reflects unique culture of different Ifugao tribes along with municipalities. Take for example the one in Kiangan, I was really thrilled to view climbing rows of terraces bisected by a river moving through it i only saw on this heritage town.

Ifugao Museum
Ifugao Museum

One from the main attractions aside from the rice terraces is the presence of Kiangan Shrine. It is usually popularly known as Yamashita Shrine. This place have their historic importance as this is the place where the Commander on the Japanese Imperial Army gave up in 1945. This is also a significant component that contributes to the advantage of this town.

Boodle Fight Lunch
Boodle Fight Lunch

Trekking is often a major activity inside the Mount?Kapugan that is located in Kiangan. Most of the visitors who will be interested in trekking routines can take their time out in these rice terraces. The stunning green forest and streams is sure to give the visitors a feel of being in a very truly inspiring as well as environment. I was truly impressed with the city of Kiangan, It was like a community inside a lush green forest.

On our way to an old Ifugao Village in Kiangan
On our way to an Ancient Ifugao Village within Kiangan

Another noted attraction is often a place where the terrace walls are made up of jewel instead of packed globe. Agriculture and travel related are the main income source for the local people involving Kiangan. Locals in this location are very friendly and some of them even support tourists in their properties. Visitors can also notice farming of fruit and veggies.

PHILTOA Officers dancing with the locals
PHILTOA Officers dancing using the locals

Ifugao Museum is also one of the leading tourist attractions in Kiangan. Your museum represents the conventional and cultural beginnings of the Ifugao people. There is also a cave in Kiangan named seeing that Mount?Pangaggawan Cave. It really is considered to be the largest collapse Ifugao province.

PHILTOA Officers with Ifugao Governor Eugene M. Balitang
PHILTOA Officers having Ifugao Governor Eugene M. Balitang

Some of the additional noteworthy attractions within Kiangan include Ambuaya Lake and also Hulit falls, places that I am visiting next time My spouse and i visit Kiangan. The roads of Kiangan are practically deserted during the work hours since most of them could be busy with farming activities. Kiangan is really the most effective places to visit within Ifugao. I will definitely recovery and explore other places in this historic town.

The Golden Buddha is Back
The Golden Buddha is Back

I would want to thank PHILTOA for attractive me in this activity. It was truly a 7 days of an unforgettable societal immersion and an exhilarating experience.

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