Arena Island in Palawan to go ‘Dark and Green’ on Earth Hour 2013

Arena Island in Palawan to go ‘Dark and Green’ on Earth Hour 2013

Palawan’s premiere ecotourism location, Arena Island, invitations ecotourists to have a more memorable Earth Hour special event in the private area resort.

Arena Island and Casitas
Arena Island in addition to Casitas

Said Roland Rodriguez, owner of Arena Region, “We at Arena Region are one with the globe in observing the Earth Hour. We believe that it must be imperative for everyone to take part in conserving energy and also reducing carbon foot print in this planet.”

This calendar year, Arena Island is going “Dark and Green” for the The planet Hour observation on March 23, The year 2013 starting 8:35 p.m. to be able to 9:30 s.m. The special resort will deal with its guests with a candlelit dinner with a sandbar featuring a menu created especially for the particular date of their stay for a more personalized knowledge. Eco inspired likewise, the Earth Day selection aims to encourage friends to reduce their carbon foot print by switching into a healthier diet and lifestyle even though basking in the privacy from the island. Some of the dinners include an island-made mixed tempura, ampalaya (nasty gourd) con cream, seafood chowder, hot sand lobster as well as eggplant salad among others.

And if the guests will be sufficiently fortunate, they might just watch a Philippine seashore turtle (pawikan) laying eggs around the sand. The mother pawikan basically prefers a darker environment to protect the woman’s eggs, which makes the act of switching off lamps beneficial to her. Being guests might just be capable to witness this exceptional event in the region that is a sanctuary to be able to pawikans and other marine animals.

Last year, Arena Area prepared for its guests’ enchanting Earth Hour prompted candlelit dinner inside their casitas’ verandas where the guests not only partook of their spectacular dinner but also appreciated gazing at the fantastic night sky throughout the island’s refracting telescope.

Arena Island is a four-hectare haven situated in the Southerly Central Sulu Sea, Narra, Palawan. The island is accessible via Puerto Princesa air-port, followed by a two-hour terrain and boat vacation. Surrounded by pristine oceans, white sand beach, and also lush landscapes, Philippine inspired pavilions welcome friends upon reaching the city. Arena Island is the best destination for relaxation along with rejuvenation. Make it a option for your private get away from or a perfect getaway with your loved ones. For more info, please visit www.arenaisland.internet.

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