Mayon ATV Challenge: Experience Mayon Volcano Lava Trail ATV Adventure

Mayon ATV Challenge: Experience Mayon Volcano Lava Trail ATV Adventure

Getting back to the city right after our Mayon ATV Difficult task makes me seem like a superhero. Actuality is still here, on the other hand know about another earth out there where everything moves fast and a lot is at stake. All right, maybe that’s a tad overly dramatic, nevertheless, you get the idea. I can’t believe how cool the actual trip was and that i can’t wait to leave there again. Off-roading within the Mayon Lava Trail has been on my own bucket list for a short time and I’m sorry My partner and i waited so long to attempt it out.

Getting Ready for the Mayon ATV Challenge
Getting Ready with the Mayon ATV Challenge (picture by?

The Volcano

Mayon volcano is really a dramatic peak that stands out in the landscaping outside of Legazpi City. An ideal cone shape side grips your attention immediately. It’s like it’s calling out to you ahead see it. Of course, it is also one of the most active volcanos within the Philippines. In the past 400 years it has erupted 49 times. Type of adds a sense of hazard to the whole practical experience. Between eruptions and also mudslides caused during hefty rains, this is just one deadly volcano. The good news is the ATV trail continues to be well maintained for years right now and you won’t be in immediate danger.

The Rocky Mayon Trail
The Rocky Mayon Trail

The ATV Trail

If you want to see a beautiful and outstanding variety of the scenery of the Philippines, here is the place to do it. The actual ATV trail traverses from smooth filth and soil in bamboo forests and also across streams. It is a wet and muddy adventure. Not even Quarter-hour in my shoes had been wet and muddy and I had dirt splatters up to my personal knees. I might are actually a bit enthusiastic about the mud.

ATV Testing and Safety Orientation
ATV Testing as well as Safety Orientation?(picture by?

As the particular trail climbs, you get more and more rocky terrain. The whole trail is 9 kms prolonged and you can see the volcano the whole time. At one point you get to ride through the lake bed. Of course, you additionally ride through communities and see what the everyone is living like available here. The grain fields, animals (including water buffalo), as well as the people themselves are developing a day like any additional.

Group Shot at the Pit Stop
Group Shot at the Abyss Stop (photo from Bryan Arevalo)

Enjoying the Ride
Enjoying the Ride (photography courtesy of Bryan Arevalo)

I’m not that knowledgeable at riding ATVs, however it seemed like this walk was just right for newcomers and more experienced riders. ATVs are nice because they’re not going to fall over. As the ride travelled, I got more confident and found myself enjoying the landscape more. I think I would have been kind of targeted for the first kilometer or so because I ended up being trying to figure out how the issue worked.

Short Hike to the Lava Front
Short Hike to the Lava Front

Go for a Hike

After signing away from some waivers and hearing carefully to a small safety orientation, there we were asked to go to the construction area and choose our own ATVs. Afterwards, we examined our own ATVs and lined up before we last but not least rolled off.

First Kilometer.. More More!
First Kilometer.. More More! (picture courtesy of Bryan Arevalo)

Basic Reminders:

  • The Mayon All terrain vehicle Challenge is just a excursion and not a Race
  • Always Continue with the Marshall Speed on a single road only, no overpowering on officials as well as Marshall
  • Always wear the safety head protection while on tour

Like the rest of the workforce, I did a full tour, with the 9 kilometers ride to the volcano, that took about Forty-five minutes, then a small walk to the lava front with the Mayon Volcano base camp, then a 9 km back again. The hike on its own was really cool. This volcano is right above your lava front is pretty frightening.

Group Photo at the Mayon Lava Front
Group Photo at the Mayon Lava Front

I’ve never witnessed anything like it. I noticed that this is the spot where the hikes up the volcano start. If you really want to get into it, it is possible to hike to the smt, a 28km hike. I figured that was tempting luck, but maybe I’ll get over it and get it done some other time.

I Survived Mayon ATV Challenge
I Lived through Mayon ATV Challenge

On the drive back down I tried to never think about how this was going to end rapidly. I realized that I has been totally comfortable for the ATV and got a little more adventurous, which really means I did far more splashing in the drenched areas along the dirty road.

This trip is a good time for anyone who likes an adventure packed actions. Our?Mayon Volcano Lava Trail All terrain vehicle Adventure ?was sponsored by DOT Bicol as part of our PHILTOA Bicol Familiarization Trip and?PHILTOA’s ( 24th Philippine travel Mart 2013 Media Release.

Are you up for that Mayon ATV Challenge?

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