Most Beautiful Waterfalls in the Philippines according to Travel Bloggers (Part 1)

Most Beautiful Waterfalls in the Philippines according to Travel Bloggers (Part 1)

What is the Most Beautiful Falls in the Philippines? Perhaps it’s really hard to express to specially in a country that offers so many hidden wonders.

Sta Cruz Falls
Santa Cruz Falls within Kapatagan, Lanao del Norte

The Philippines is actually blessed with so many photogenic rapids. The country may not have any waterfall that is because mesmerizing as the Niagara Is catagorized but we have each of our list of enticing cascades that can be found in different parts of the particular archipelagic islands.

To make it easier, I actually gathered the list of the Most Beautiful Waterfalls inside Philippines according to Pinoy Travel Bloggers and here they are:

Oman Serapio of Oman is an Isle, the traveling Attorney has Bigaho Waterfalls along with his list.

Bigaho Waterfalls by Oman Serapio
Bigaho Rapids by Oman Serapio

This is Bigaho Falls located in Port Barton, Palawan. I adore this falls due to the fact every nook and cranny of the place supplies photo opportunities along with combinations of boulders of any size and soft flows between and around it. And if you’ve noticed, there is a rock there that is similar to a contoured-face. Bigaho Waterfalls is available via a twenty-minute boat journey from Port Barton suitable and then a short as well as simple 15-minute trek from the pristine sand beaches of Sitio Bigaho up the Water Falls. (checkout his blogpost in relation to Bigaho Waterfalls in Palawan)

Dong Ho connected with Escape Islands enjoys exploring road less traveled destinations. Certainly one of his recent breakthrough is the beautiful Imugan Is catagorized in Nueva Viscaya.

Imugan Falls in Nueva Viscaya
Imugan Falls throughout Nueva Viscaya

A bit secluded from your highway is this tiny quiet village associated with Imugan West of Nueva Vizcaya. In addition to the beautiful pine forest in that area, it has that beautiful waterfalls. A brief trek from the small town leads to an easy walk with some parts spanning the river.

An added function to this waterfalls is the often foggy environ. Trekking won’t be a hassle in addition to despite its supply from the town community, oftentimes you’ll discover youself to be alone in the area. (check out his Imugan Falls blogpost)

Isadora Morales connected with‘s top decide on is Tinuy-An Falls throughout Surigao del Sur.

Tinuy-An Falls by Izah Morales
Tinuy-An Drops by Izah Morales

Tinuy-An Falls associated with Surigao del Sur, that claims to be the biggest in the Philippines, can be viewed as of the most beautiful rapids in the Philippines. One can possibly take a natural bath/hydrotherapy as soon as visiting this declines. Other falls are just for sightseeing yet not Tinuy-An where you can actually experience the waterfalls itself.

When My spouse and i went there for a birthday trip, I felt one with characteristics. I got soaked under the Tinuy-An Falls and discovered a rainbow. (take a look at her blogpost about Tinuy-An Declines)

Ian dela Pena of Brown Person Trips shares why he loves Batya-Batya Waterfalls in Mt. Romelo Sinoloan, Laguna.

Batya Batya Waterfalls
Batya Batya Waterfalls

I like this is catagorized because it not that scary, it is actually very enticing to people and go on a dip. The falls features a small bowl at the top that the h2o turns into a small pool before it falls below, you can enjoy this small but beautiful waterfall by climbing it and hiking to the top by using the vines coming from the tree. It’s a waterfall that one could really enjoy! (checkout his / her blogpost about Batya-Batya Waterfalls)

Francis Balgos involving shares the way he discovered Ditumabo Mommy Falls in Aurora Domain.

Ditumabo Mother Falls
Ditumabo Mother Falls

Nestling at the feet of the mountains within the borders of San Luis, Aurora, this particular mother falls is usually a sight to look at. The trek had taken 30 minutes following the massive pipeline from the San Luis Hydro Place, while passing by means of water springs that’ohydrates actually fed by the falls itself. The rush of water is actually cold, which gives you an idea with what is up ahead. The actual trails, some portion of it is reminiscent of forrested walkways in “Temple Run”.

This is the Mother Falls associated with Aurora, a falls with a 140 ft fall. Located in a secluded circular vale, with sharp slippery rocks stuffed with moss’s, wild bouquets and wild plants of orchids. The spot is thickly forested, no resorts or cottages anywhere. (checkout his post with regards to Ditumabo Waterfalls)

Edcel Suyo of– a highly traveled Blogger through Cebu picks Merloquet Falls regarding Zamboanga City as their favorite waterfalls.

Zamboanga Merloket Falls
Zamboanga Merloket Falls

A One particular.5 hour get from Zamboanga city, you need to pass through several security checkpoints to get to Merloquet Falls. The waterfalls is split into two the spot that the upper falls is actually deeper which is great for swimming. The lower drops is where you can get massages through the water-drops.

What I like finest is the water cascading on the rocks which usually adds drama to your beauty of this waterfalls. (read his write-up about Merloket Falls)

Mervs associated with shares precisely why Tinago Falls in Biliran is definitely his top choose.

Tinago Falls in Biliran
Tinago Falls in Biliran

Unknown to many people, Tinago Falls in the capital of scotland- Caibiran, Biliran (some 20 kilometers away from the capital town of Naval) has a stunning top of about 90 ft. It falls from your stone ridge in a catch basin encompassed by big rock structures. The place is filled with tall trees, vines and abundant greens surrounding which in turn adds to its all-natural exquisiteness.

Going to the falls is very easy; it is located a few meters from the hi-way along with a pathway leading to the actual park where the is catagorized is located had previously been set. Tourists along with visitors come for a swim rolling around in its clear cool water. Cottages and eat outside area where set-up designed for the guests. An entrance fee of 10 pesos is collected in entering the recreation area. Of all the waterfalls I’onal visited in Biliran, this can be my favorite. (checkout his blogpost about Tinago Falls)

Zigfred Diaz connected with shares concerning his favorite waterfalls in Cebu called Mantayupan Declines.

Mantayupan Falls
Mantayupan Falls

About an hour and a half coming from Cebu City, is a concealed gem undiscovered by way of a lot of people. I believe that undiscovered because it is merely in the past few years that this has been opened up towards the public. In fact, not very much has been written about this place in the web. This specific undiscovered paradise is no other than the outstanding and majestic Mantayupan declines. The approximately 200 feet high Mantayupan Drops is located close to the east end of Carcar-Barili Highway, Cebu Philippines where it connects to the national highway. Pools from various heights move into the basin. I actually knew about this area when I read a good obscure column over it in a newspaper.

You need only to walk less than 5 minutes to reach the main falls. On the way to the main comes you pass by a number of mini-falls which adds enjoyment as to the view that lies ahead. What’s great about Mantyupan is that there is not much development in the principle falls. There are only a few cottages up front and also the places to sleep in continue to be under construction and located various meters away from the principal falls So the next occasion if you are looking to get away from the particular hustle and bustles regarding city life, have the marvel and magnificence of Mantyupan falls. (take a look at his post about Mantayupan Falls in Cebu)

Ephraim Arriesgado?associated with is a Accredited Nurse who’s interest is to travel to find out and inspire different Filipinos to give touring a try. Learn why Bito Declines in Javier Leyte is one of his favorite exhilarating experiences.

Bito Falls in Javier Leyte
Bito Falls in Jordan Leyte

This is the Bito Falls in Javier, Leyte. Situated the hub of the rainforest inside Javier, the is catagorized is indeed majestic and beautiful. Locals say that this is just one of the two rapids in the area. I love this waterfalls because of its wonderful location- a secluded location among the mountains on the region, and the falls itself is spectacular, spectacular, and amazing!

One can certainly reach the falls after 2 hours of water trekking, and the easy enjoy the area plus the falls is through a weekend camping trip. (study his blogpost about Bito Falls in Javier)

Jinkee Umali like to explore nearby locations especially Laguna as the lady documented it having

Taytay Falls at Majayjay Laguna
Taytay Falls at Majayjay Laguna

As My spouse and i traveled around the state to explore waterfalls, still one of the most beautiful, big and ready to plunge set for dip is the relaxing, uber cold springs of Taytay falls located in Majayjay, Laguna. A quick 2.Your five hour drive tour if one is residing in the particular metro with no work of booking a plane. For less than P Five hundred, one can experience a journey trek adventure with your pack lunch guiding captivating nature on its best. Check this link for more details –

Marky Ramone Proceed of gives you why he selected Bolinao Waterfalls as his or her favorite.

Bolinao Waterfalls
Bolinao Waterfalls

Bolinao Waterfalls is just one of my favorites because it carries a wide pool fit for a whole evening of swimming plus a 15-20 feet main waterfall. The water is gem green because of its bordering vegetation, you can take a seat under a shade and browse a book while enjoying the endless circulation of the waters. For couples, you might want to channel the legend of two star-crossed fans “Boli” and “Nao” while lean dipping. (checkout the blogpost about Bolinao Falls)

Ervin Malicdem associated with Schadow1 Expeditions shares his / her challenging trip to Malibiclibic Is catagorized in Cavite.

Malibiclibic Falls
Malibiclibic Falls (seems like errrm)

One of my favorite declines as it is a challenge to have here. A result of convergence of 3 rivers through Maragondon, Aguinaldo, and Magallanes, Cavite. Due to 1000’s of years of pounding the 300-meter cliff, the water has found its way via it thus creating the Malibiclibic Falls.
It is a disguised . waterfall as it can be used not by hiking but by climbing down through a ravine from the grasslands associated with Aguinaldo, Cavite. (check his website entry about Malibiclibic Comes)

CA de Ramos of shares why everyone ought to visit Bomod-ok Falls in Sagada.

Bomod-ok Falls in Sagada
Bomod-ok Falls in Sagada

It is difficult to choose from many waterfalls as we are blessed with many resources and every thrilling is unique on its own. So why Bomod-ok Falls in Sagada should be part of your record? The long make your way and great landscapes on its way will make your journey to the falls therefore worth it you would want to swim in its very cold normal water.

Bomod-ok falls also known as The Big Falls is one of the have to see when in Sagada, Huge batch Province. It takes about 1.5 several hours to reach the drops. (checkout her Sagada Practical experience post)

Aleah of shares her favored “Green Falls” located in the woman’s hometown in Surigao del Sur.

The Green Falls
The Green Falls

The Green Falls in Surigao del Sur is just one of a variety of waterfalls in the domain. It was opened to your public only last year, after the owners allow us it by investing in cottages and wood walkways.

What I like very best about it is that it’utes multi-layered. There are seven divisions, and if you’re ambitious, you can follow the pond and look at or frolic in the water in all seven waterfalls. The photo displays the first one, called Cagpangi Is catagorized. Check out my write-up: The Green Falls in Surigao del Sur. (go through her post about The Green Falls).

Shugah Kang involving thinks that Dodiongan Falls is your ex favorite among the different waterfalls that can be found in Iligan City.

Dodiongan Falls
Dodiongan Falls

This is Dodiongan Falls in Brgy. Bonbonon, Iligan City. It’s one of my favorite waterfalls because it is huge and it has a cool blue lagoon, and so ideal for swimming. This falls is accessible by using a trek along the stream banks, approximately 20-30minutes out. – It would be awesome to spend the day listening to your favorite tracks or just go through a good book. It’s a good place to possibly be one with the nature. (read her publish about Dodiongan Falls within Iligan City)

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