Palawan: One of Lonely Planet’s 2014 Best Value Travel Destinations

Palawan: One of Lonely Planet’s 2014 Best Value Travel Destinations

Palawan is a large chain of islands for the west of the Philippines and it has recently been selected by Lonely Planet as on the of the most useful value travel destinations regarding 2014. This is great news intended for Palawan and it’s a well-deserved name.

Lonely Planet's 2014 Best Value Travel Destinations
Lonely Planet’s 2014 Best Value Travel Destinations

Palawan has the best of exactly what the Philippines has to offer. Stunning white sand beaches, really clear waters, exotic wild animals both in and out of your water, and rich jungle. Of course, means that priced reasonably for the moment, but with this announcement from Lonely Globe and the additional awareness Palawan will get, don’t be surprised if it changes.

Palawan has a quantity of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and endangered family pets are actively getting protected in sport preserves and sanctuaries. It’s also possible to enjoy small, pleasant fishing villages that also move at the velocity of traditional Philippine life. There is a great deal of to do that even if you slept for a month or two you would probably still be hearing about not-to-miss opportunities.

Places to See and What to Do

One of the most magnificent things you can do in Palawan, Philippines is to stay in the stilt bedrooms on the beaches from El Nido on Lagen Island. There are plenty of beautiful beachfront hotels to stay at, but here you can remain right on the water.

The Calauit Video game Preserve and Wildlife Sanctuary is a finish island which was proclaimed a sanctuary throughout 1977. You can go and visit the particular zebras, giraffes, crocodiles, mousedeer, and endemic species like the Palawan bearcats. Bankruptcy attorney las vegas local dugongs, or manatees, which often live in the marine environments around the island.

Don’t overlook the Puerto Princesa Underground River tour. And if you’re some sort of diver, you’ll be in heaven. Japanese shipwrecks are around every corner off Coron Island.

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