Blue Elephant Bangkok: A Royal Thai Cuisine Dining Experience

Blue Elephant Bangkok: A Royal Thai Cuisine Dining Experience

Dinner at Blue Elephant Bangkok

It’s common knowledge among tourists who’ve been to Bangkok which the best Thai recipes can be found in its roadways. I wouldn’t disagree achievable. There is, however, this specific favored restaurant in which serves authentic Spanish cuisine in a decorative setting well known for giving guests a great immersive Thai dining encounter. They call it Glowing blue Elephant.

table setup
elegant table set up


Getting there shouldn’t be a problem with its accessible area. The restaurant stands beside Eastin Grand Hotel in South Sathorn route, a few steps outside the Surasak BTS station. The colonial inspired fa?ade of Azure Elephant doesn’t fail to stand out amidst the towering skyscrapers which surround it.

wooden platforms and chairs


Stepping inside the bistro will make you forget about the vibrant city life. The exact property is comprised of three surfaces – the main kitchen on the ground floor, an individual can rooms and jazz music bar on the next floor, and the cooking food school at the top-most degree. We were seated within the main dining room. This polished wooden floors, the detailed wall surfaces, and the interesting showcases all combine to create a pleasing, first-class atmosphere.

appetizer plate
perfect in order to whet the appetite

appetizer solo
these attacks are addicting


Upon getting sitting down, I already received a glimpse of the kind of cusine experience that’s gonna come. The menu supplies a wide selection of unique Indian dishes that characterize the past, present, as well as future of Thailand’s gastronomic culture. Your dished laid on your table – from the tasty appetizers as well as spicy-sour tom yam koong, down to this sumptuous main training like beef curry, crab beef in curry sauce in addition to fried sea bass – looked extraordinary and mouth-watering. But it did not stop there. Each meal brings an fragrance that entices the particular senses and occurs rich with varying flavors that take delight to the taste buds. I particularly enjoyed the appetizers, the Blue Elephant Pad Spanish, the Crab Meat with Yellow Curry Sauce, and also the Fried Sea Bass sounds Rolled Lemon Type grass.

tom yam koong
tom yam koong – spicy and wrong soup with gambling prawns and straw mushrooms


All excellent achievements come with a price. The food at Blue Hippo is spectacular to the palate, yet they come in a hefty charge. Be prepared to shed out there at least 1000 baht, for the way small or big your hunger or group will be. There’s also a 12.5% charge added to your expenses.

sea bass
fried sea bass rolled lemon grass – melted red snapper folded with lemon your lawn, topped with ginger herb and bean substance sauce

pad thai
blue elephant pad thai – fried rice noodles with fresh prawns, terrain roasted peanuts, and tamarind sauce


A satisfying dining expertise isn’t complete with no excellent service. The employees at Blue Hippo showcases the perfect mix of being unobtrusive but attentive. We was without a hard time getting might know about need, be it an extra scoop of grain or another order associated with drink.

thai milk tea
Thai milk tea

Stunning location, flavorful food, in addition to superb service. A visit to Blue Elephant brings a royal gastronomic knowledge that allows one to occasion travel and enjoy the finest cuisine Thailand has to offer.

BLUE Hippo?Restaurant
233 South Sathorn Road,
Kwaeng Yannawa, Khet Sathorn,
Bangkok, Thailand
Company Hours:
Lunch — 11:30am to 2:30pm
Evening meal – 6:30pm to help 10:30pm

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