Glorious grouse: where to taste the first game of the season in Britain

Glorious grouse: where to taste the first game of the season in Britain

For British foodies, the Twelfth Augusth?? or the Glorious 12th as it is known ? is just about the culinary events of the British calendar. That marks the opening from the new shooting time of year, starting with one of our much-loved native game parrots: grouse. Since the first grouse of the season usually are renowned for being one of the most flavoursome and tender, the opening of the season is hotly anticipated by dining establishments across the country who battle and race for being the first to plate in the traditional game chook. Here?s best places to head to sample the best.

The Yew Tree Inn, Highclere

Situated inside idyllic Highclere, this 17 century inn takes pride in locally sourced online game much of which is photo by Head Cook Simon Davis himself. After working quite a few Michelin star kitchens, Simon gone after the Hampshire countryside to enjoy true country life, so it?s not surprising that each Glorious Twelfth he races for the Yorkshire moors to bag the bird himself boosting back to prepare a grouse dinner for the hungry patrons. This year?s Glorious Twelfth feast included total roast grouse having prune and pancetta filling in a lemon as well as thyme jus, served with traditional game chips.

The Yew Tree Inn

Wilks, Bristol

This Michelin-starred bistro excels when it comes to offering up the fresh, seasonal dishes and their recognized relationship with Yorkshire?ersus Johnson and Swarbrick make certain that they can serve the most succulent grouse from your Glorious Twelfth let’s start. Critics have mentioned Wilks? understated elegance and the discipline present in some sort of kitchen that keeps dishes simple but flavoursome. That being said, the red Russian kale in addition to cr

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