Top 5 luxury vacation spots in Greece

Top 5 luxury vacation spots in Greece

Luxury hotels, gourmet dining places, sailing boats, as well as crystal clear waters, sand beaches and natural charm? These 5 holidays spots in Portugal have the whole package! Santorini, Mykonos, Crete, along with the less well known Paxos island and the rising Athens Riviera, are both beautiful and luxurious, making them favorite vacation spots among Greek and foreign luxury tourists alike. Either you like a cosmopolitan pizzazz, Cycladic architecture or an much more traditional ambient, the following you can find everything you are searhing for to satisfy your detects and your opulent personal, having the time of your daily life by the beach at the same time! So, are you ready to get a greek luxury experience like never before?

1. Mykonos

You know it and you also love it. This small island in the heart of lovely Cyclades is also close to Athens, building a favorite weekend holiday for everyone who is somebody in the capital involving Greece. Villas missing the Aegean, hotels using simplistic luxury, remarkable restaurants by the dark blue sea for unique culinary experiences, as well as some of the best bars and clubs in the country, regarding colorful cocktails made using fresh ingredients, this is just what most love with regards to Mykonos. Add the golden seashores, all pretty in close proximity to each other, the glowing blue waters, the most secure sunbeds you?ve ever before sunbathed on, together with impressive service everywhere you go, so you?ll have the family vacation experience of your aspirations!


2. Paxos

This small, lush tropical isle next to Corfu features some of the best fish restaurants within the Mediterranean, amazing orange waters and quaint port towns, making it a sailing haven for Italians and Greeks as well. Sailing from one beach to the other is an incredible experience on its own, even though hopping from Paxos to help Antipaxos, its tinier brother-island, is a must-do if you want to witness two most astonishing beaches of the country (even European countries). Spend your evenings in Paxos in your boat or yacht as well as wake up everyday from the quiet sound with the waves, enjoying excellent views to lovable Lakka port drenched inside beautiful colors on the summer morning!


3. Athens Riviera

Amazing beachfront bars, luxurious beach locations, awesome bungalows and also villas and wonderful Greek cuisine? Of course, Athens has more than just this Acropolis and you can find it via the sea! From Glyfada to Lagonissi, the Athens Riviera hosts the best seafood you?ve ever tasted, in expensive restaurants together with views to the beach; opulent hotels invisible in peninsulas most people don?t be aware of are there; beach watering holes and clubs together with oh so Ancient greek language design and decor, with huge sunbeds scheduled weeks in advance; and exclusive sandy shorelines that will make your Athens encounter one you?ll talk about for several weeks!


4. Crete

Crete is home to two of Greeks? beloved beaches (Balos and Elafonissi using their pink sand in addition to turquoise waters). Additionally it is the most delicious location in the country, with local delicacies and conventional dishes that can meet even the most discerning taste buds. The first luxury accommodations of the country were in addition built here, increasing Crete this amazing factor every tropical isle with such natural beauty ought to have. Travellers who need a peaceful, exclusive vacation, spoiling service, amazing gastronomic encounters and relaxation upon Greece?s ideal beaches, have just found their paradise!


5. Santorini

Breathtaking sights, cliff-hanging restaurants, villas using infinity pools that will setback you away… Santorini?s girls are out of this earth. This island, famous all over the world, also features some of the best wine in Europe, culinary delights of the most useful quality and incredible bars for beverages overlooking the well-known Santorini setting sun. The accommodation around the island blends beautifully the traditional indoor places with the awesome volcanic scenery and the Aegean blue, giving travellers the best time in their lives, for every instant they spend here. And candlelit dinners on private terraces are an experience to not be missed!


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