3 reasons why you should come walking in the Southern French Alps in Autumn

3 reasons why you should come walking in the Southern French Alps in Autumn

Most walking trips within the Southern French Alps are generally advertised in the Spring and Summer when the majority of people take their breaks. However, walking in the Autumn has to be one of the best times of year to see this beautiful part of the world with it?s extraordinary mountains, alpine pastures as well as raging rivers. Here i will discuss 3 good reasons why:

The weather

The weather is often sunny having deep blue skies plus a magical clear luminosity ? any photographer?s wish. The mornings are usually cool and clean, creating the perfect conditions for a steep go walking up hill without having risk of over-heating.

Walking in the Alps in Autumn

The sun progressively warms up the air during the day, perfectly timed for your appearance at the col or summit where you can sit along with bask in the warm rays, eating your lunch break and admiring the views.


Mushroom picking is really a national pass-time in England and on a sunlit morning, the day after a rainfall in Fall months, mushroom pickers are everywhere. The local markets are full of wild mushrooms of all colours, styles and sizes, out on display while using subtle, earthy scent scenting the air.

Mushroom picking

Add a purpose to your Autumn walk and also go ?mushroaming?!

There are numerous varieties; lactaires sanguins and lactaires delicieux, trompette de la mort, chanterelle, pied de mouton, pied bleu, cep and girolle? which is worth taking a nearby expert with you to actually pick the right ones. Drug stores in France are trained to recognize seafood so if you are unsure of your current pick, you can use them there to get tested before you cook up your current wild mushroom risotto.


The forests along with woodlands of the Southeast Alps are famous for their particular diversity with a massive amount deciduous species alongside this conifers and other evergreens usually for this Alps.

The Southern French Alps in Autumn

Amongst them and taking over a number of mountains, would be the larch tree, a rather exclusive deciduous conifer that loses the item?s pine-needles every year. This turns a magnificent brilliant yellow colour inside Autumn with the changes happening at lower altitudes and gradually operating their way up wards creating a wave effect up the mountain. Sprinkled inbetween are rich whites, burnt oranges and deep greens revealing the diversity and assortment of species.

Sally Guillaume is Manager at Undiscovered Alps.

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