6 of the best luxury Winter destinations in Greece

6 of the best luxury Winter destinations in Greece

Who said that Greece can be a summer destination merely? This Mediterranean land is home to some amazing mountains, ski hotels, luxurious chalets and great comfort food, which makes it a top holiday spot throughout the year. The fact that most of these major resorts are a few hours drive from the capital, Athens, simply just makes these winter ambitions easier to come true.

So, what are best luxury wintertime spots in A holiday in greece?

1. Parnassos

Parnassos is a magnificent pile and ski location just 2 hours far from Athens. Its proximity towards the city, its rich nature, the ancient destroys of Delphi and some remarkable local food as well as cheese have made the adjacent town, Arachova, the cold winter months equivalent of Mykonos. Luxury hotel and fine food makes the area a lot more inviting for are generally creme de la creme of Athens and even though prices sky skyrocket during winter, nothing prevents travelers from running in the area even until finally early April, as soon as snow starts to dissolve away…

2. Arcadia

The lush mountains connected with Arcadia, a ski hotel and an ideal for rafting river are the reasons why people coming from Athens and all over the Peloponnese love this area during winter. Additional reasons are the long history that dates back to icons? era, unforgettable wintertime food and some involving Greece?s the majority of romantic and cozy chalets, which attract travellers from all over the entire world. With so much to accomplish, learn, see as well as taste, the traditional villages around the mountains involving Arcadia make for unforgettable Winter destinations.

3. Kastoria

The second reason Kastoria is a great destination throughout the year is its spectacular nature, which can just be topped by it’s breathtaking lake cash of the same name. The initial reason will be it is location: remotely based far away from equally Greek cities, up in the borders with Albania, Kastoria features some remarkable winters, with a frozen scenery that will make the heart skip some sort of beat. Its water, Aliakmonas, is perfect for rafting, the two mountains are best for traditional village clicking, while the capital?azines old town section, Dolco, is home to some great structures and the best local food restaurants from the area. And if you?re lucky, the river will be frozen, exacerbating the magnificent experience.

4. Korinthia

Korinthia entered the winter vacation destination group just a few years ago, when some deluxe chalets were built in the encircling mountains, with a watch that will stay in your dreams for a few months to come. With them emerged some luxurious however, not overpriced traditional taverns and also fine dining eateries, as well as romantic avenues in the forests, producing eerie lakes in addition to dreamy scenery. Korinthia?ersus proximity to Athens (a lot less than 2 hours drive) can make it perfect for weekend getaways, while its altitude welcomes snow and also freezing temperatures regardless if it?s still warm in Athens.

5. Zagorochoria

You could?t get it wrong within Zagorochoria. It?s extremely hard to choose a community for your accommodation in which?s not extremely beautiful. It?utes not probable in which to stay a hotel that?s not to your preference. You can?t quite possibly visit a tavern having bad or below average food. Everything is ideal up there. Though the many stunning and remote villages are Minor and major Papigo, the surrounding area is so out of this world, of which wherever you stay, an individual?ll love it. Top things to do? Rafting in Voidomatis?river, trekking with Vikos gorge (the largest inside Europe) and horseback riding by the river, ability to hear nothing but the comforting sounds of nature. Zagorochoria is 5 a long time drive from Athens, doing the experience even more unique. It?s feasible it?d become just you and your close friend(s) there…

6. Tzoumerka

Close to Zagorochoria, yet hard to get to, stands Tzoumerka, a number of traditional villages surrounded by mountains, canyons and steep rocks. Outdated monasteries and ruined connections will take you on a journey back in time, while Arachthos river adds up to the spectacular beauty of the landscapes, also offering trip experiences deep in the center of the area?s character. Some of the most luxurious accommodations of Greece are already recently built right here, making the traveler?s stay an ideal to remember.

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